Bespoke Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings are the staple in every jewellery box. The ultimate addition is a pair of bespoke diamond earrings to complete your collection. From simple studs to hoop earrings and diamond drops, our master craftsmen can create it all.

Our London workshop is waiting to make your dream diamond earrings.

Bespoke Diamond Earrings
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At Chalfen of London, we’ve always had jewellers lining up to get the best diamonds for their timeless pieces. We plan to offer you the same choices and care when you drop by. We can craft custom earrings that exhibit a blend of traditional and modern techniques. Along with that, we love incorporating details that mean something for you and your loved ones.

So whether you go for bespoke diamond earrings designs or classic diamond earrings, you can count on us to offer you something exquisite.

Let your ears sparkle and shine everyday!

Talk to one of our friendly team about your bespoke diamond earrings.

Get the inspiration you're looking for from our gallery of bespoke diamond earrings.

Discover true beauty with a combination of your dream designs and our skills and expertise as we begin our collaboration.

How to Design Your Bespoke Diamond Earrings?

Looking to surprise your beloved with custom diamond earrings? It’s a perfect way to show how much they mean to you.

Think of it as a foundation of a romance that just begun or an affectionate way to celebrate the years you have spent together. Sprinkle in your memories through embellishments that encapsulate this special bond.

Here’s how you can personalise your earrings.



We begin with introductions and general ideas. You can tell us your story, budget, and the purpose of your purchase. Then we use that information to shortlist gemstones, diamonds, styles and possible carat weights for the final design.

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Many women prefer to own at least one pair diamond earrings (preferably studs) for everyday use. If they’ve got a luxury jewellery collection, then they might even have a some diamond hoop earrings for parties and special outings.

Thereby, think of these choices when you select your stone. You can also add a pop of colour by opting for diamond cluster earrings with ruby, sapphire, or emerald centres. In addition, you can opt for single-toned gemstones or a multi-coloured cluster.



If you want something more meaningful, then look beyond styles and stones. Also, remember the shades that make their eyes sparkle, the jewellery pieces they already own, and even birthstones.

Plus, you can pair these exquisite earrings with other custom diamond jewellery products designed by our artisans...
Why not complete a set!

Now, let’s design your bespoke diamond earrings.

We can even engrave our diamond earrings to add a personal touch to custom designs. From initials, birthday dates, love quotes to an inside joke, we can add in the sentimental note as requested.

The Chalfen Promise

The Chalfen diamond and precious coloured stones make the perfect centrepiece for your diamond pear drop earrings. It also looks striking when it is incorporated into other designs. We choose each diamond with great care and precision. Then mould it artfully to fulfil your diamond dreams.

For that reason, you can trust us always to bring something spectacular to the viewing.

So you can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

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We also promise to

  • Use our expertise to design one-of-a-kind bespoke diamond earrings that match your stylistic choices
  • Design other pieces to create diamond jewellery sets for special occasions
  • Accommodate modifications and changes if required
  • Offer complete guidance and expert assistance through online consultation and onsite meetings
  • Only use GIA graded diamonds, premium gemstones, and high-grade metals to craft your bespoke diamond earrings
  • Give you full access to diamond sources and explain how choosing the right diamond elevates the earring
  • Provide lifetime warranties by expert manufacturers to prove credibility
  • Lifetime cleaning and maintenance services
  • Offer lifetime cleaning and maintenance services for your diamond earrings
  • Never back down on our 30 day return policy if you decide to change your mind

Chalfen of London is a family owned business that takes great pride in finding high quality diamonds for our clients. Our commitment to excellence allows us to stand head and shoulders above other jewellery stores. We plan to dazzle you with styles, cuts, and styles that are designed according to your needs.

So come along, let’s design the perfect bespoke diamond earrings. Book an online consultation.