Certified Diamonds for Every Occasion

We can help you find certified diamonds for your custom engagement rings, wedding jewellery, and personal possessions.

Diamond Investment

The Chalfen Legacy Bespoke Diamond Jewellery for the Ages.

A tale as old as time

The origins of Chalfen of London date back to the end of the 19th century in the heart of London’s jewellery quarter of Hatton Garden.

It was a time when the jewellery trade required something more than precision. They cut diamonds not for profits and margins, but for perfection. The diamond cutter would work with the precious stone to beautify and enhance it. It was the only way to ensure that the diamonds sparkle in a specific way when the wearer wore it.

Today, the Chalfen diamond serves as an inspiration for diamond jewellers in Hatton Garden. We work with the same meticulousness, integrity, and passion as the generations before us. Also, we hold onto the romanticism and magic of diamond cutting.

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of people through our retailers. We think that it is time that we eliminate the middleman and speak directly to the person that counts the most–You.

It’s why along with an extensive network of diamond jewellery stores in the UK, we’re also offering direct consultations with our in-house team of experts.

That way, we can provide you with the real experience of finding the perfect stone.

We combine our diamond knowledge with a collection of GIA certified diamonds and other high-graded diamonds such as the De Beers certificate. It allows us to provide exquisite choices for your bespoke diamond jewellery.

Our industry experts are well-versed in all diamond and precious stone grading systems. It’s because we have generations of experience in the industry. After serving thousands of retailers and jewellery brands, we’re opening our doors for the person that counts the most–YOU.

We have a collection of certified diamonds that meets the 4C quality requirement for diamonds. That means it’s got the right:


We are one of the few diamond jewellery stores in the UK that source and show rare coloured diamonds along with premium colourless diamonds. We also source semi-precious stones (i.e. emerald, ruby, and sapphire).


When it comes to diamond clarity grade, we go above and beyond expectations. We feature flawless stones to SI2’s, and nothing below that. We also know the art of finding the perfect value in certain lower clarity stones (i.e. SI1 stones to VS2 clarity stones) to match your individual needs.


Our GIA-certified diamond collection comprises of unique diamond cuts and traditional styles. We’ve also got pre-owned and second hand diamonds in the inventory. That makes it possible for you to get diamond jewellery that features timeless diamond cuts, shapes, and style that were popular in the bygone days.


Whether you’re looking for a 5 ct diamond, 2 ct diamond or, something in between−we’ve got them all. We have also got big diamonds for cocktail rings and engagement parties along with the wedding jewellery and more. You can view our fine diamond jewellery selection remotely if required.

Our experts use these criteria to create bespoke diamond jewellery that encapsulates the essence of your story and the personality of the wearer. That way, you get premium diamonds that have a personal element incorporated in them in one way or another. Once they fit into your choice of jewellery item, they enhance the whole look of your custom luxury jewellery.

In short, you can count on us to get you a stone that was always meant for you.

Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

We stay with you from conception to the final design.

Whether you’re shopping for bespoke diamond jewellery online or on foot, you might only get to see a few shortlisted pieces. We do things differently by giving you the power to select and eliminate options with the help of our expert.

Our diamond choosing process goes through three stages.


Initial Consultation

You get to share your story and budget in the initial consultation. We will then tell you how to get the best certified diamond available. There have been instances where the highest clarity grade doesn’t fit your design. This is why we perform a competitive analysis of different diamonds to get you the best bargain out of this transaction.

Video Call

The Viewing

We show the best certified diamonds within the prices range and learn what makes each one sparkle. With our diamond consultant’s guidance and advanced technology, we can show you how we cut diamonds, the significance of its shape, and its sparkle. We will also tell you about the diamond sources and how it fits your diamond jewellery design.


The Final Decision

Our specialist nudges you in the right direction. Yet, you make the final call by choosing a certified diamond that ticks all the boxes in your custom engagement ring or other diamond jewellery design.

GIA Certified Diamonds

We think that the actual romance of buying diamond rings for a loved one lies in the selection. It’s why we let you scour through multiple stone before you find something that fits. The purchase becomes even more special when you’re buying a custom engagement ring or wedding bands.

Our customer-centric approach will allow you to get a certified diamond that is distinct and 100% unique. Then our accredited jewellery designers will link your personal preferences and memorable stories into the final design.

As a result, you get to form a connection with a diamond that symbolizes the love and affection you have for the wearer.

So what are you waiting for?Let’s find the perfect stone for your bespoke diamond jewellery.