Bespoke and Custom Bridal Jewellery

Do you want to make heads turn as you walk down the aisle? Swap those generic gems for a custom bridal jewellery design.

At Chalfen of London, we've got something for every bride no matter your design requests. Discover bridal jewellery with a difference with a bespoke design.

Custom Bridal Jewellery

We might be welcoming the general public through our doors for the first time, but we’ve always been the cornerstone of diamond jewellery in stores across the UK. That is why we bring years of wisdom and craft to the table.

We understand the importance of marking the big day with extra sparkle. We help blushing brides feel like royalty with our bespoke bridal jewellery designs. From classic vintage necklaces, engraved wedding bracelets, traditional pendants to quirky studs for brides, we can design anything you want for your bridal collection.

The final touches could be the very thing that ties your wedding look together!

Let’s make heads turn as you walk down the aisle.

The Ultimate Bridal Jewellery Suites

Become a sparkling bride with a custom design of diamonds or gemstones.

Are you planning to wear a complete set? A modern bride is always practical…

Instead of choosing chunky jewellery sets that can only be worn on the big day, you could go for some standalone pieces. Then our experts will design accessories that look great together, but will work separately too.

That way, you get a chance to wear your gorgeous wedding jewellery after the big day. Who knows… These timeless designs could become a family heirloom and become a future bride’s ‘something old’ years later!

What about the groom? Gift the gentleman a matching luxury men’s wedding ring or stone-studded bracelet. That way, both of you can look the very best on this memorable occasion.

Talk to one of our friendly team about your bridal jewellery.

Take a look at our bridal jewellery gallery for inspiration.

Our bridal jewellery has been adorned by brides across the world for over half a century.Make one of our pieces yours for when you say "I do" and beyond.

How to Buy the Best Custom Bridal Jewellery?

Ask three simple questions to get the perfect piece for your wedding.

Our jewellers will make sure that every stone accentuates your big day.



Want kind of luxury wedding jewellery do you want?

Our bridal collection features an array of different cuts, styles and precious stones. You can go for a minimalistic style or go all out with a dramatic design. The main idea is to buy a custom bridal jewellery piece that personifies you.

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Want to incorporate a sentimental element to your bridal accessories?

Make a sentimental statement by etching yours or your partners his name on your bespoke design. You can opt for initials, wedding date, romantic quotes or even verses from scriptures. We have no qualms about slipping in that heartfelt tribute.

Our collection includes personalised wedding bracelets, wedding necklaces, standalone pendants, and more.



What gems and metal are your favourite?

Incorporate diamonds, your favourite gemstones or even yours or your soon-to-be husbands birthstones into your design to represent the true perfection of your union.

An everlasting representation of your wedding day.

The Chalfen Promise

We make your walk down the aisle magical with the right bespoke bridal jewellery made exclusively for you. You can consult with the best luxury wedding jewellery designers to complete your look.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

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We also promise to

  • Design your custom bridal jewellery (i.e. wedding bands, personalised wedding necklaces, pearl drop pendants, and more) according to your personal preferences
  • Complementary engravings on statement accessories to celebrate the big day
  • Offer a flexible time to request amendments and modifications
  • Give you sound advice on selecting your luxury wedding jewellery items
  • Only use GIA graded diamonds and high-grade metals to design your custom bridal jewellery pieces. Along with access to precious gemstone and diamond sources
  • Each set comes with an expert manufacturer’s warranty to safekeeping
  • Create bespoke bridal jewellery sets to elevate your look
  • Lifetime cleaning and maintenance (30% off wedding bands)
  • Accept requests if you wish to terminate your order before the deadline of our 30-day return policy

Chalfen of London takes great pride in honouring trust, commitment, and honesty. Like your special someone, we vow to be there for you during this one-of-a-kind journey.

Are you ready to take things forward?