Bespoke Diamond Stud Earrings

We create bespoke diamond studs to match your distinctive style and personality. Work with our designers to produce an everlasting piece of jewellery you can cherish forever.

Whatever your vision and budget, our team have a lifetime of experience to create bespoke diamond studs whether it be a simple set of diamonds or ornate and decadent design.

Bespoke Diamond Studs

When we began manufacturing jewellery nearly 100 years ago, Chalfen of London started its journey as a source for natural diamonds and rare jewels for traders and jewellers in the UK. Our excellent artisanship, integrity, and resourcefulness helped us make a mark in the diamond industry. Today, we bring this legacy to the crafting table, as we open our doors to you.

We welcome you to our world.

Whether you wish to treat yourself with sparkly diamond stud earrings, or need a gorgeous gift for a loved one. We can turn we turn your diamond dreams into reality with custom diamond stud designs. When it comes to bespoke diamond stud earrings, we understand that less is more. We allow you to handpick your desired diamond and stones to take centre stage in your statement pieces.

Dress to impress with custom made diamond stud earrings...

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With a little sparkle, a handcrafted design, and a whole lot of love, one of these statement pieces could be yours.

How Do You Design a Bespoke Diamond Stud?

Diamond studs might be small, but they can still speak volumes.

Create bespoke diamond stud earrings that elevate your every day and evening looks.

Here is look at our bespoke designing process.


Consult Industry Experts

Years of experience and the knowledge of modern techniques help us guide you through your diamond journey. Throughout the online consultation, we tell you all about diamond quality, cuts, and sources that match your choices and budget.

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Choose a Style

Whether you are designing a bespoke diamond stud for women or a bespoke diamond stud earring for men, there are infinite options available. You get to choose between high-grade metals (i.e. platinum, white or rose gold) alongside selecting coloured gemstones, sparkly diamonds, or combination designs.


Add a Personal Touch

Make your bespoke diamond stud unique by incorporating individualistic details. It could be anything from birthstones, quirky shapes to stackable diamond stud sets. You can also consider designing a series of matching diamond jewellery items. That way, they can become a gift for every milestone moment, such as births, graduations, weddings, and anniversaries.

What about the size of your bespoke diamond studs?

All personal tastes and styles are catered for…

For daily wear studs earrings, we can cater to anything over half a carat upwards…

If you want something fancier then speak to our design team and go as big as you’d like!

The Chalfen Promise

Our artisans slip in customized features while infusing century-old diamonds in modern designs. Each pair of custom diamond studs is precious, personal, and perfect.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

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We also promise to

  • Design your bespoke diamond studs and bespoke diamond stud earrings that match personal preferences and style bracelet
  • Accommodate multiple modifications within the given time to meet your expectations
  • Provide free online and onsite consultation services with diamond experts to help you design your custom jewellery
  • Only use GIA certified diamonds, certified precious stones, and high-grade metals to mould your diamond studs
  • Give you direct access to diamond sources and craftsmen to create the perfect personalized jewellery
  • Present an authentic warranty card to ensure security
  • Offer lifetime cleaning and maintenance services to preserve your diamond studs
  • Commit to our 30-day return policy if you change your mind

We can transform basic diamond studs into bespoke masterpieces. All you need to do is lead the way.

Are you ready to design your custom diamond studs (or earrings)?