Bespoke and Custom Pendants

Bespoke pendants give you a chance to weave in special moments, sentiments, and individual styles through intricate designs. They make the perfect statement piece for years to come.

Have your dream handcrafted to reality with a unique collaboration with one of our artisan designers.

Bespoke Pendants

Chalfen of London originally began its journey by collaborating with traders and popular jewellery stores around the UK and making collections of stunning diamond jewellery. We are now opening doors to welcome you directly to use, offering a wealth of knowledge and expertise and exceptional value for money.

We want to give you direct access to diamond sources, advanced jewellery making techniques, and excellent craftsmanship that are a part of our legacy.

That way, you get to choose, design and wear (or gift) custom-made diamond pendants made exclusively for you.

Decorate your neck with a design made just for you...

Talk to one of our friendly team about your bespoke pendant.

Take a look at our gallery of the best bespoke pendants for your inspiration.

This personal touch allows you to find your very own custom and bespoke pendant for you to cherish forever.

How Do You Design Bespoke Pendants?

In three simple steps, we turn your creative concepts into real diamond pendants to wear and admire by your loved ones (or you).


Consult Industry Experts

We have years of training and a diverse range of skills. Between us, you can create remarkable custom diamond pendants. We will guide you through the process by sharing our professional perspectives.

We also pay attention to your budget range and give you the best bargain. Sometimes that would mean going for custom pendants, choosing a gemstone from your family heirloom, or a century-old diamond from our collection.

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Choose a Style

Whether you are designing a bespoke pendant for women or a custom diamond pendant for men, you need a central idea as a base. With diamond pendants, you can choose between simple solitaire pendants, dainty drop pendant, unique cluster pendants or even classic halo pendants.

Also, think about the precious stones, diamond cuts, and link chains you might choose for your bespoke jewellery design.



Choosing luxury bespoke pendants leads to limitless possibilities. You can create custom necklace pendant designs that match your (or the recipient’s) personality. We can represent those personal details by including birthstones, distinctive shapes, or combination gemstones and more.

If you are interested, we can even design matching bespoke diamond earrings or bracelets to make an exquisite bridal jewellery set or special anniversary present.

Do you want to celebrate milestone moments?

A personalised pendant is the perfect choice for any occasion. Whether you’re presenting it to a loved one who is embarking on a new journey (i.e. graduation, wedding, professional life, or motherhood) or get a custom diamond pendant to mark your victories.

The Chalfen Promise

At Chalfen of London, we merge modern techniques, decades of expertise, and your ideas to create a timeless bespoke pendant. We take great care in designing something that befits the wearer and compliments their individualistic style.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

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We also promise to

  • Create luxury bespoke pendants that replicate your ideas, stylistic choices, and individuality
  • Give you a reasonable time between the order placement and final delivery to request modifications if required
  • Offer no-obligation consultations online and onsite with our experienced designers
  • We mould your bespoke pendants, journey pendants, solitaire pendants and more with only GIA graded diamonds, certified stones and high-grade metals
  • Provide you with direct access to diamond sources and our process
  • Give lifetime warranty cards by manufacturers’ with your bespoke diamond jewellery
  • Offer lifetime cleaning and maintenance services for preservation
  • Stay true to our 14-day return policy if you are having second thoughts about the purchase

Our artisans are always interested in making this moment memorable for you. We take great pride in finding diamonds and precious stones that fit your story and complement your bespoke pendant designs.

Are you ready to meet the experts?