Custom and Bespoke Wedding Rings

Wedding rings are an embodiment of your sacred bond. Make yours extra special with a custom wedding ring design.

A custom wedding ring is the first step towards this incredible journey.

Custom Wedding Rings

Over the years, Chalfen of London has handcrafted wedding rings for couples all across the country. We’ve managed to be part of thousands of love stories as our beautifully designed wedding rings have been sold in stores up and down the UK.

Today, we’re ready to take centre stage by connecting couples directly with our design team through one-on-one consultations. That way, you get a chance to delve deep into the art of ring-making and choose a custom wedding ring design that aligns with your wedding goals.

Every love story is different…

With us, you can go beyond conventional diamond wedding ring designs to select a ring that is made exclusively for you. From vintage wedding rings, customised details to romantic his and her wedding ring sets, we’ve got them all under one roof.

The possibilities are endless and you can go in any direction you want when buying one of our custom and bespoke wedding rings. All you’ve got to do is select the one that is a reflection of your romantic tale.

The Perfect Match His & Her Wedding Rings

Show the world that you’re made for each other in more ways than one!

Whether you’re the couple that colour coordinates their outfits or the one that completes each other’s sentences, custom wedding rings are a great way to symbolize your compatibility.

Collaborate with our wedding ring designers for a matching set for the wedding. Then watch them mould a wedding band for men that complements the design of the bride-to-be’s ring. You can even choose from the addition of diamonds or gemstones. Select a meaningful engraving for wedding bands that are hidden away like secrets shared only by both of you.

You may also choose a wedding ring to sit with your bespoke engagement ring. Think of a design that fits together. That way, you get to wear your symbolic rings wherever you go, without any trouble. Or, simply choose to stack them together and cherish them in a keepsake box.

Talk to one of our friendly team about your wedding rings.

View our gallery of some of our most popular wedding ring styles for inspiration.

For more than a hundred years the Chalfen name has been associated with devotion and craftsmanship. Now it's your turn...

Whether you're looking for a plain band of gold, or a more intricate diamond set wedding ring, we've got something for everyone at Chalfen of London.

Want to Make Your Own Wedding Ring?

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3...


Design your Wedding Ring Online.

If you’re interested in building your wedding ring online then kindly fill out our design form. Feel free to let us know of any wedding ring inspiration you have before your consultation.

Video Call

Schedule a Consultation.

You'll meeting with our skilled design team for a one-on-one consultation (virtually for now). One of the team will guide you through our design process and share their insights for your personalised wedding ring.


Finalise your Custom Wedding Ring.

Our top wedding ring designers will then start working on your dream ring. You can make any changes during the process and even try some samples before the final ring is made.

The Chalfen Promise

We’re here to make this milestone moment memorable with our unmatched custom wedding ring design services.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

Schedule a Appointment

We also promise to

  • Design custom wedding rings according to your specific requirements 
  • Provide complementary engravings on his and her wedding rings to commemorate the special occasion
  • Accommodate multiple amendments and modifications to ensure that diamond wedding rings are the perfect fit
  • We offer free consultations to showcase our diamond wedding ring collection and custom designs
  • We only use GIA graded diamonds and high-grade metals to mould your diamond wedding bands. Along with giving you direct access to unique cut diamond sources
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to give you a sense of security 
  • Offer compatible engagement ring bands, if you’re pre-booking the wedding rings
  • Offer lifetime cleaning and maintenance services for your custom eternity rings
  • Abide by our 14-day return policy if you happen to change your decision

Our commitment to integrity, creativity, and excellence plays an integral role in the Chalfen legacy. We hope to continue this century-old tradition with our newest customers.

You can count on us to show the same level of respect towards your everlasting love for each other.

So are you willing to take this relationship to the next level?