Redesign Jewellery & Remodelling Services

We redesign jewellery by artfully transforming your inherited jewellery or outdated pieces by incorporating new styles or personal touches.
Remodelling Jewellery

Chalfen of London is continuously redefining the norms of sourcing and creating diamond jewellery. For generations, our assistance helped traders and retailers redesign jewellery to fit their needs. We offer the same privileges to owners who’re looking for professional jewellery restoration services in the UK.

Our artisans and craftsman use their artistic skills to reshape, repair, and remodel jewellery that you no longer use. With our assistance, you can integrate modern details into something old. Or, create something completely new from by separating the main components of the original.

We offer a full range of repair and maintenance services too.

Bring back old jewellery to life with one of our jewellery restoration experts.

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Scroll down our gallery of the best remodelled jewellery for inspiration.

With a little personal touch, handcrafted designs, and a whole lot of love, one of these statement pieces could be yours.

Remodelling Jewellery

We let you choose stones, select styles, and add your spin to contemporary diamond dress rings and diamond dinner rings.

Here’s what a sneak peek of our bespoke designing process.


Inherited Jewellery

Remodel family heirlooms to match your style.

Don’t let your inherited jewellery collect dust in a box. Hand it over to our expert craftsman for a makeover. We can breathe life into your traditional family heirlooms with minute alternations or complete redesigns. These include replacing stones, repurposing metal bases, and adding additional details into the original piece.

That way, you can continue the family tradition and keep the sentiments intact in a modern way.

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Jewellery Restoration

Restore and redesign jewellery.

If you no longer wish to wear a piece of jewellery in its existing form but want to create something modern and wearable, then our remodelling service is the ideal solution. We can reuse the materials, reset a gemstone or use the essence of the original pieces as inspiration for something new.

Over the years, old jewellery loses its charm. We make them wearable again by incorporating contemporary details and custom designs into the original structure. All you’ve got to do is tell us which stones to reset, faults to fix, and details to eliminate. You can also request reconstruction by creating separate pieces from the original materials.

All this is made possible by our expert craftsmanship and experience.


Jewellery Repair & Maintenance

Show your old jewellery, some tender love and care.

Overtime your favourite jewellery might show visible marks of ageing. We can mask those dents, scratches, and imperfections with our jewellery restoration services. Our experts will gladly examine your pieces and let you know if the jewellery requires mild repairs or complete restoration.

Worried about handing over your cherished possessions to someone else?

You can trust us to handle your valuables with as much care as we bestow upon our precious diamonds and stones. Also, our experts already work with diamonds and jewels that are thousands of years old. That means, you can trust our experienced craftsman to keep your jewellery safe and sound.

Let’s redesign your old jewellery and give it a new lease of life.

We have a team of jewellery experts ready to redesign your family heirlooms or repurpose unused jewellery and bring them back into use.

The Chalfen Promise

We’re here to give your inherited jewellery and vintage pieces a modern touch. You can count on us to handle your prized possessions with great care when you opt for our jewellery restoration services.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

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We also promise to

  • Redesign jewellery sets and standalone accessories by incorporating contemporary details
  • Offer repair and maintenance services for inherited jewellery and old diamond jewellery collections
  • Provide a reasonable period for further amendments and modifications if required
  • Return the remodelled item with lifetime warranty guards to ensure security
  • Add bespoke details to modernize vintage diamond jewellery
  • Offer lifetime cleaning and maintenance services after restoration
  • Conduct onsite and online consultations with experts before starting the jewellery restoration

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