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The Avon is cast from a single mould, allowing the band to flow freely around your finger like a river, up and around the diamond. It makes a truly spectacular engagement ring that will never go out of style. Available in a variety of cuts and metals so you can tailor it to your special recipient.


Developed from the Avon but this time its claws appear lighter as they flow straight from the band. The diamond is held secure whilst creating a remarkable twisted effect for the head. A perfect choice for something a little different while still being a solitaire engagement ring.



There is an unmistakable flow to the head as the claws sweep from one diamond to the other with marvellous detail. Available in 5 or 7 stone varieties dependant on diamond weights. Perfect as an eternity ring, but also works brilliantly with alternate coloured stones for a fantastic dress ring.



Just like the famous river, the Thames ring echoes its twists and turns. The truly remarkable feature is that although the band flows around the centre diamond, the ring still allows its matching wedding band to fit flush against it. Available with centre diamonds from 0.40ct plus. Perfect as a solitaire engagement ring or a coloured stone dress ring.


Thames Wedding

The matching wedding band to the Thames solitaire engagement ring. Superb when sat as a pair but also breathtaking when worn as a set in differing colour metals as a fashion item. Perfect as a wedding band or the best way to add some extra sparkle to your jewellery box.