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Arlington Earrings

Elegant is the only word to describe the Arlington earrings. The three brilliant-cut diamonds are punctuated by a sole pear shape. With a total diamond weight of 0.83ct, they’re perfectly articulated to sparkle as they dangle freely flowing with your every movement.


Berkley Face

The Berkley’s 6 claw head is supported by a solid band with a ‘rooftop’ ridge, running away from the diamond. This gives the ring a delicate look that belies its strength.  The Berkley ring will hold any round diamond from 0.30ct and upwards.  All Chalfen of London diamonds are eye-selected by an expert, guaranteeing sparkle. An engagement ring that will never go out of style.


The Hatton design really showcases the diamond, making it the perfect solitaire engagement ring. Sitting between apparent arrow heads, it offers its wearer a distinct pattern when viewed from above, drawing your attention to the diamond without slimming the band. This pretty pattern is repeated in the side bezel and under the head.


The same design as the Hatton (4 Claw), with the addition of two extra claws emphasising the shape of the centre diamond. Benefits include arrow heads to draw your attention to its sparkle without slimming the band. The pattern is repeated in the side bezel and underneath the head. A stunning engagement ring design that will never go out of style.


If you’re looking for something a little different, the Mayfair offers a small hidden diamond set either side of the central diamond. The band adds interest by including a delicate split as it reaches the centre. The rounded profile of the band makes this a very tactile design. The perfect head-turning solitaire engagement ring, pretty and engaging.


Available in a variety of cuts, this sparkling pendant is a perfect match to the Hatton earrings or an ideal necklace that can be worn every day. It contains only tiny claws surrounding the diamond to complement the pure understated elegance of this pendant. A classic addition to any jewellery box.


One for everyone’s collection. The Hatton diamond earrings are simple claw set studs that strike the perfect balance between claws and diamond for strength and beauty. Four claws holding each diamond make them distinct and a perfect birthday, anniversary, wedding or special occasion gift. They go with everything – an everlasting investment.


The Regent makes the perfect wedding band or eternity ring with a large range of diamond weights available. Each diamond is set into a small circular cup, keeping the stones low on the finger. From the side, the diamonds seem to almost hover. Available in 5, 7 and 9 stone varieties, this design also works brilliantly with alternate coloured stones for a fantastic dress ring.