Wedding Tiara & Luxury Bridal Crowns

Wedding tiaras and luxury bridal crowns that create a whimsical wedding experience!

Marquise Spark Pendant

As a leading name in the diamond industry, Chalfen of London has spent years sourcing diamonds and designing custom diamond jewellery for its elite clients. They include jewellery connoisseurs who wanted to match custom tiaras for their luxury bridal collections. We also teamed up with professional jewellery dealers who’d like loan wedding tiaras for their clients.

Today, we’re inviting glamorous bride-to-be to make this traditional wedding accessory a part of their big day.

Our artisans can design everything from diadems, bandeau tiara, chic headpieces, to arched tiaras. We’re equally interested in going beyond norms and designing custom bridal tiaras that encapsulate your innovative ideas.

Let’s make heads turn as you walk down the street.

Talk to one of our friendly team about your wedding tiara or other bridal crowns.

Scroll down our gallery of the best wedding tiara's for inspiration.

With a little personal touch, handcrafted designs, and a whole lot of love, one of these statement pieces could be yours.

How to Design Wedding Tiaras and Luxury Bridal Crowns?

Design dazzling diadems, extravagant headpieces, and custom tiaras that stay in the family for years.


Consult Industry Experts

Our experts can craft something befitting a queen. They are well-versed in the history of art décor tiaras and royal tiara designs required to replicate or modify traditional pieces. During the initial consultation, we’ll cover the budget, wedding tiara ideas, and other basics.

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Choose a Style

Luxury bridal crowns and wedding tiaras are adorned with a myriad of glittering gemstones including sapphires, corals, rubies, pearls, turquoise, and aquamarines. They are assembled in a series of sets, often combined with real diamonds.

You can choose a variety of designs like the diadem, bandeau tiara, double-band design or a wreath-like construction.



The best wedding tiaras aren’t replicas or inspiration designs from the royal tiara collection. Instead, they feature embellishments and intricate details that hold meaning. You can do this by remodelling a family heirloom or rendering jewellery from your private collection.

Apart from this, we can create bespoke bridal sets that match your custom tiaras.

Transformable Tiara−An Ideal Choice for Modern Brides

Tiaras don’t have to be a one-time splurge.

We master the art of designing bespoke transformable tiaras for modern brides. The contemporary diamond tiaras serve as a base for brooches, adaptable necklaces, and bracelets.

That way, you can dismantle your wedding tiara for occasions that call for a low-key appearance.

The Chalfen Promise

At Chalfen of London, we make exquisite custom diamond tiaras and renditions of art décor tiaras, and luxury bridal crowns for blushing brides. You can trust us to make this moment memorable and magical with our traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques.

You can either fill our custom design form or book a virtual consultation with us to begin this journey.

We also promise to

  • Design state-of-the-art custom wedding tiaras or luxury bridal crowns by infusing your individualistic style with our best techniques
  • Offer you ample of time to reconsider designs and request modifications before your custom tiara design is finalised
  • Provide direct access to diamond sources, art décor tiaras, vintage jewels and more to fulfil your diadem dreams
  • Only use GIA graded diamonds, semi-precious and precious gemstones to adorn your wedding tiara
  • Design compatible luxury bridal jewellery sets to complete your wedding look
  • Provide lifetime maintenance and cleaning services
  • Never back down from our 60-day return policy in case you change your mind

Make heads turn when you walk down the aisle with a wedding tiara that lets you feel like royalty on your big day.

Are you ready to design your custom tiara?